Improving Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival through donation of Public Access Defibrillators

Future doctors making an impact now

Improving Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival through donation of Public Access Defibrillators

Future doctors making an impact now

Who We Are

Student Docs for Shocks is a medical student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and safety of local communities.

Our mission is to improve survival from out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest through awareness, education and donation of Public Access Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in community areas where people gather and children play.

What We Do

Donation of Public Access Defibrillators

We place lifesaving Public Access Defibrillators in locations such as outdoor shopping areas and restaurant districts, athletic fields and other high-use public venues.

Equip the public with lifesaving knowledge

Through community outreach, we promote awareness of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest, its warning signs and treatment.

Engage community benefactors who want to make a difference

Our donors are neighbors, businesses and civic organizations who care deeply about the health and wellness of their community.

We Prepare

Communities are safest when defibrillators are nearby, and available for public use.

We Empower

As a 100% medical student-led nonprofit organization, we provide opportunities for future doctors to make an impact now.

We Save

Public Access Defibrillators vastly increase the chance of surviving out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest.

Impact Stories

“In 30 years as an emergency medicine physician I have treated scores of patients who have suffered out of hospital cardiac arrest and been transported to the emergency department by EMS.  Without exception, those who were lucky enough to have received rapid on scene AED defibrillation have had the best possible outcomes, including many walking out of the hospital to rejoin their families and futures.”

Edward T. Dickinson, MD FACEP
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

“The City of Duluth is very grateful to have received an AED from Student Docs for Shocks. They suggested we provide community access to an AED by installing it in the center of Duluth Town Green at the Festival Center. As Mayor, I certainly appreciate this professional organization helping our city learn more about saving lives and making sure citizens and visitors have easy access to this automated defibrillator. Student Docs for Shocks has demonstrated a compassionate and generous gift to the Duluth community.”

Nancy Harris
Mayor of Duluth, GA